Failed Internet File Transfers (TCP Dup Ack, Spurious Retransmission)

asked 2018-01-03 20:58:22 +0000

Hello forum members,

Brand new X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Kabylake (Type 20HR, 20HQ) Laptop (ThinkPad) Machine Type Model: 20HRCTO1WW

Attempted to do the standard microsoft/lenovo system updates, you know, just to make sure im running the most stable setup. That is where the first errors started, some of the downloading would fail.... odd I say.

Must be an issue with my internet, isp,router ...? Nope, my two other laptops and desktop were doing just fine. If it was choppy internet my tradestation would be pinging disconnect / reconnect audio alerts. Tested downloading exact file urls using other devices on the network, no issues (tested both wifi and eth cable).

Did the Lenovo memory / disk checks before booting into operating system, everything passed.

Grabbed the updated wifi/lan drivers from lenovo using a usb-drive on another working machine, transferred them to my new X1 carbon and updated. Still having the issues with corrupted files.

Grabbed the latest stable bios: N1MET39W (1.25) Also installed freedownloadmanager, to take advantage of being able to renew failed downloads, but even then cabs inside packages were being flagged as corrupted.

Tried taking my machine to the corporate office, used a friends network at his home ... grrrr, no change.

You know what, I wanted to get this laptop to run linux anyhow, must be a windows/lenovo issue.

Installed Fedora 27.... looking good...let me test downloading .... NO WAY!!! SAME ISSUE??!!! Better not jump to conclusions ... over the next few days installed latest stable Ubunutu Mate, Linux Mint, Opensuse. Same downloading issues with apt-get, dnf install (yes, did dnf clean etc.)

Installed windows inside gnome boxes and virtualbox.... same issues inside the virtual environments. Let me try a fresh reinstall of windows. Grabbed the latest ms windows 10 usb boot from ther website. Went through driver setups etc...same problem with downloading files.

What works:

Everything else in the browser[s]. Streaming is fine because of constant caching to disk I guess. Uploading files to my google drive seem to work. Every other device on my network works ok.


Here is a small wireshark capture:

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