How to parse BCH messages properly like SIB, MIB, and SB

asked 2019-08-05 13:13:05 +0000

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Dear Wireshark

I've been using QXDM from Qualcomm to analyze the mobile phone log and now i'm trying to use the wireshark instead of QXDM for some reason. By the way, i found some problem. Unlike LTE, the BCH messages like SIB, MIB, and SB are not parsed properly. All of IEs are just displayed in sib-Data-variable in hexa format. ex: sib-Data-variable: 8241f72842fc.........

I checked the source code like packet-rrc.c and packet-rrc-template.c, but not that easy to fix well. Could you give me some help to solve this issue ?

BR Jang

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