"RELATIVE-OID ::== " - how to change them?

asked 2019-07-26 12:48:31 +0000

wborkowsk gravatar image

updated 2019-07-26 17:27:33 +0000

It looks like the following syntax is not supported by asn2wrs.py compiler:

iPMMIRIObjId RELATIVE-OID  ::= {li-ps(5) iPMultimedia(5) version7(7) iRI(1)}
iPMMCCObjId RELATIVE-OID   ::= {li-ps(5) iPMultimedia(5) version7(7) cC(2)}   
     -- both definitions relative to: 
     -- {itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) securityDomain(2) lawfulIntercept(2)}

I have a loot of such constructions in my project. What can I do with that? Any ideas? Many thanks in advance

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